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Why Patients Choose Penn Radiation Oncology

Extraordinary patient care is the number one priority of Penn Radiation Oncology. Patients and their primary care physicians choose Penn Radiation Oncology because:

  • It offers the latest advances and most comprehensive range of services in the region. Penn specialists personalize treatment plans to match the various needs of every patient.
  • Penn Radiation Oncology takes a fully integrated approach, providing services in an environment of compassionate intervention and goal-oriented care. This excellence in patient care is continued from consultation to treatment.
  • Penn Radiation Oncology's board-certified specialists are nationally and internationally renowned.
  • As a high-volume center, Penn Radiation Oncology routinely performs procedures that may be done only occasionally at other locations. Studies have shown that centers performing higher volumes of procedures have better patient outcomes.
  • Penn physicians, nurses and clinical staff create a supportive environment for patients. They understand what it's like to be on the patient side of the table, they listen, and they tailor recommendations and care plans to every patient's individual needs.
  • Penn Radiation Oncology practices evidence-based medicine and is committed to continuous improvement at every level. Each program's quality improvement projects are aligned with national benchmarks.
  • Penn's radiation oncologists are at the forefront of medicine. Because they teach the next generation of leaders, they are well versed in the latest clinical practices today, and also are developing promising treatment options for tomorrow.
  • Penn's active radiation therapy research programs put it at the forefront of new developments. As a leader in clinical and NIH trials, Penn offers patients access to the latest treatment options before they are widely available elsewhere.
  • Penn Radiation Oncology and its network of treatment sites boast some of the most technologically advanced facilities in the world.

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