Plastic Surgery

Soft Tissue and Cancer Reconstruction

For many patients, reconstructive plastic surgeons are an integral part of their cancer treatment team. After cancer surgery, plastic surgeons are able to restore form and function in many instances. They are also able to rebuild body parts, including limbs and facial features.

Often the plastic surgeons will do their work during surgery to remove the cancer, though sometimes a second operation is the necessary for reconstruction.

Cancer affects each individual differently. If you have been diagnosed with a soft tissue cancer and are expecting surgery, schedule a consultation with one of our plastic surgeon to determine your options for reconstructive surgery.


Every type of surgery has risks. You can help prevent complications by carefully following all pre- and post-surgery instructions. Our plastic surgeons will review all the potential risks and side effects with you.


Because patients recuperating from cancer reconstruction surgery are also healing from surgery to remove cancer, the road to recovery can be long. Your doctor will talk with you about what to expect after the procedure.

Next Steps

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