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Targets for Proton Therapy

Listen to James Metz, MD, speak about The Future of Cancer Care

Proton therapy's ability to deliver a precisely targeted dose makes it well-suited for treating a variety of cancers, and the physicians at the Roberts Proton Therapy Center are dedicated to exploring and developing those treatments to offer patients new chances at a cure. Applications for proton therapy include:

Despite its benefits, proton therapy isn't the right choice for every cancer patient. Chemotherapy, surgery, or conventional radiation may be the best treatment for some cancers, and proton therapy will frequently be used in conjunction with one or more of these therapies. Because all of these treatments are offered under one roof at the Abramson Cancer Center, patients need not go anywhere else to receive the most appropriate, effective treatment for their tumors – which often involves care from experts in medical oncology, surgical oncology and other services such as nutrition.

"To be most effective, protons therapy will be paired with other cutting-edge treatments,” says James Metz, MD, vice chair for clinical operations in Penn Medicine's department of Radiation Oncology. "Our doctors don't just look at single type of cancer medicine, surgery, or radiation therapy – we combine several different treatments for each individual patient."


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