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Cyclotron Arrives in Philadelphia
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220-Ton Particle Accelerator (Cyclotron) for World's Largest
Proton Therapy Center Arrives in Philadelphia

January 29, 2008 – The region's only cyclotron completed its 3,700 mile transatlantic journey from Belgium by arriving with a police escort from the Port Authority of Philadelphia to the Roberts Proton Therapy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

The cyclotron's job is to accelerate atoms to near light speeds to create a healing beam of energy that can then be targeted to kill cancerous/malignant tumors with unprecedented accuracy, without harming nearby healthy tissue or organs.

The cyclotron's energy beam will be directed to five treatment rooms, each over two stories tall, making the Roberts Proton Therapy Center the most comprehensive of its kind in the world.

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Cyclotron Arrival
The trip from the Port Authority to the Roberts Proton Therapy Center lasted over five hours.

Cyclotron Arrival
Members of the Mummer All-Stars, some of which are cancer survivors, joined the event.

Cyclotron Arrival
In order for the cyclotron to be safely transported on paved roads,
a special 19-axle, 200-foot long trailer truck was constructed.

Cyclotron Arrival
The cyclotron weighs 220-tons, about the same as a 747 airliner,
but is only 18-feet in diameter and 8-feet high.

Cyclotron Arrival
The crane prepares to lift the 220-ton cyclotron.

Cyclotron Arrival
Lifting the 220-Ton Cyclotron

Cyclotron Arrival
Lowering the Cyclotron

Cyclotron Arrival
Lowering the Cyclotron

Cyclotron Arrival
Lowering the Cyclotron

Cyclotron Arrival
Carefully Positioning the Cyclotron

Cyclotron Arrival
It takes a well-prepared team to move the cyclotron into its final resting place.

Cyclotron Arrival
Left to Right: Ralph Muller, Chief Executive Officer, UPHS; Arthur Rubenstein, MBBCh, Exec. VP for the Health System and Dean, School of Medicine; Suzanne Roberts; Ralph Roberts; Michael Dandorph, MBA, Senior Vice President, Business Development, UPHS

Cyclotron Arrival
Members of the Mummer All-Stars

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