PennCare Network

What is the PennCare Network?

The PennCare Network is the top-tier benefit level for all health plans offered to employees of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

Why Use PennCare Providers?

For employees using the PennCare Network, out-of-pocket expenses are significantly reduced or eliminated. The vast majority of services are available at the top-tier level, however, if a service is not available within the PennCare Network, employees may access the full network available through the health plan they have selected at a middle-tier benefit level. Please note that for some selected services, PennCare Network providers have limited capacity in their practices.

While employees' covered benefits will not change during the plan year, PennCare Network providers/services may change. The provider search on this web site is continually updated throughout the year. For questions or clarification about available providers or services, call toll free 1-877-354-4999 or your benefits office.

Who Participates in PennCare?

The PennCare Network includes all providers employed by the University of Pennsylvania Health System, the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and Good Shepherd Penn Partners.

The PennCare Network also includes additional physicians or facilities that have a contract with the University of Pennsylvania Health System to provide services at the top-tier benefits level for University of Pennsylvania and University of Pennsylvania Health System employees. It does not include all providers affiliated with UPHS.

Directory of participating providers

List of participating facilities

More information about provider affiliations

PennCare providers may refer to non-participating facilities, whereby members would be responsible for co-payments/co-insurance amounts. Members are required to check with providers prior to services rendered to ensure they are aware of benefits and financial obligations.

Behavioral Health Benefits

To access behavioral health benefits, contact Penn Behavioral Health at 1-888-321-4433 or visit The Penn Behavioral Health provider network is a staff-and-affiliate model consisting of more than 500 licensed practitioners credentialed to standards set by the National Committee on Quality Assurance. This model combines the significant resources of Penn Medicine with community-based providers in the delivery of accessible and quality behavioral health care.