Pediatrics at Penn

Pediatrics at Penn

Pediatric practices provide primary care for children from birth through the teenage years and beyond. Our pediatricians care for sick children or provide a referral to a pediatric specialist when necessary. They also recommend the appropriate screening tests and immunizations and offer guidance regarding safety and emotional issues that may influence a child's health and development.

The Neonatology and Newborn Services Division includes an intensive care nursery whose staff provides care for premature infants requiring special monitoring, cardiac and pulmonary support, as well as for infants with special problems, such as infections. Special care is provided for high-risk infants, for patients with apnea, and for infants born to mothers with high-risk medical problems. The Division is staffed by neonatologists from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Penn’s neonatal team is known for its successful care of extremely small infants, some weighing less than 500 grams (approximately one pound).

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