Palliative Care

Palliative Care Consultations Available to Hospitalized Patients

Penn Medicine provides inpatient palliative care consultations to any hospitalized patient for an added layer of support. The palliative care team makes recommendations for follow up services after a patient is discharged from the hospital. Penn Palliative Care inpatient consultation is available at several nearby hospitals including:

Penn Hospitals

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania — Inpatient palliative services at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania are available for all hospitalized patients. Palliative care services include advance care planning and goals discussions, pain and symptom management and attention to psychosocial and spiritual needs. The inpatient team provides patients with an extra layer of support and the opportunity to meet with families to help with difficult decisions. The team includes board-certified palliative care physicians, palliative care nurse practitioners, a social worker, pharmacist and chaplain. Medical students, residents and fellows also work with the care team.

For inpatient palliative care consultation at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, contact: 215-614-1618 (office telephone).

Service hours: Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

  • Pennsylvania Hospital — Inpatient services at Pennsylvania Hospital focus on hospitalized patients with any serious, life-limiting diagnosis such as cancer, congestive heart failure, advanced lung and pulmonary diseases and chronic diseases such as Parkinson's or dementia. The inpatient team provides patients with an extra layer of support and includes a board-certified palliative care physician, nurse practitioner, a social worker, pharmacist, chaplain and physical, speech and occupational therapists.

For palliative care consultation for inpatients at Pennsylvania Hospital, contact: 215-678-6291 (inpatient palliative care mobile phone).

Affiliated Hospitals

Palliative care consultations are also available to patients at affiliated hospitals including: