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Giving to the Penn Pain Medicine Center
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Giving to the Penn Pain Medicine Center

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Michael Ashburn, MD, MPH, MBA
Michael Ashburn, MD, MPH, MBA
Director, Pain Medicine and Palliative Care

Alleviating pain is one of the most vital aims of a physician's calling. All of us at Penn Pain Medicine are proud to offer our patients truly unique, interdisciplinary care targeted to relieving and eliminating pain. Your support can help us reach our goals even faster.

Philanthropy is crucial in helping us continue to reshape treatment for chronic, complex pain. We welcome you as vital partners in creating opportunities for advanced patient care, research, and educating the next leaders in the field. Every gift makes a significant difference in the victory over pain.

Current Projects:

Penn Pain Medicine Group Therapy Program
Conquering pain takes more than a pill: sometimes the best medicine is a sympathetic ear from one who's been there. This innovative program uses peer experiences to help patients manage their pain effectively and safely.

Gifts can support:

  • creating a conveniently-located, comfortable physical space for the program;
  • hiring specially-trained counselors; and
  • creating educational materials.

Clinical Research Studies
Because fifty million Americans are currently suffering from chronic pain, Penn Pain Medicine is working relentlessly to discover new innovations in treating all kinds of pain. There are many ways that you can support research that interests you.

Your gift can help provide:

  • a pilot clinical research program;
  • a Clinical Research Associate; or
  • laboratory improvements.

Training Future Leaders in Pain Medicine
A major goal of Penn Pain Medicine is to ensure its tradition of comprehensive, compassionate pain care continues for years to come. One way you can help is by supporting the center’s efforts to produce the brightest new leaders in the field and train them in the comprehensive approach that makes Penn a leader in pain care.

Your gift can help provide:

  • a research residency; or
  • post-doctoral fellowships.


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