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Nutritional Counseling

Eating well and utilizing nutrition, as a form of your personal attack against cancer, is important throughout cancer treatment.

Nutrition services offered through the Joan Karnell Supportive Care can help you develop your individualized nutrition plan. Throughout the course of treatment, the areas of discussion may include:

  • managing the side effects of treatment that may affect your ability to eat
  • finding ways to obtain adequate hydration
  • food suggestions to help maintain weight
  • food preparation ideas to conserve energy if fatigue is overpowering
  • drug nutrient interaction analysis between chemotherapy medications and herbs or nutritional supplements
  • use of alternative forms of nutrition such as tube feedings if eating is not feasible

Consultations are available for a broad range of areas including:

  • evaluating current nutritional supplementation that may be promoted to an individual with cancer
  • examining the safety and efficacy of nutrition and herbal supplements
  • exploring the role of nutrition in the recovery process

For more assistance in developing your own nutrition plan, refer to our nutrition blog, which includes recipes with cancer fighting ingredients. Also, individual appointments are available with a registered dietitian to help assess your nutritional status and develop a plan for improvement.

Additionally, you can watch the following videos to learn more about our nutritional counseling services:

Patient Services Guides

For more information about our professional support services or to schedule an appointment with a nutritionist, call 1-800-789-PENN (7366). You can also request an appointment online.


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Need an appointment? Request one online 24 hours/day, 7 days/week or call 800-789-PENN (7366) to speak to a referral counselor.

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