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Honors, Awards and Publications

Susan Kruse Sullivan, RN, and Jill Siegfried, MS, collaborated with other Cancer Center staff members on the following article: Sullivan, SK, Schuricht, AL, Siegfried, JD, Fede, JM, Victoria, T. Duodenal somatostatinoma and gastrointestinal stromal tumor associated with neurofibromatosis. Community Oncology, 2006; 3: 266-270.

Mary Pat Lynch, CRNP, MSN, AOCN, Cancer Center Administrator, published the following article: Lynch, MP, Diagnostic Reasoning: Dyspnea. Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing, 10 (3); 323-326.

David Mintzer, MD, Chief of Oncology/Hematology, published the following articles:

  • Janne PA, Wozniak AJ, Belani CP, Keohan M-L, Ross HJ, Polikof JA, Mintzer DM, Taylor L, Ashland J, Ye Z, Monberg MJ, Obasaju CK. Open-label study of pemetrexed alone or in combination with cisplatin for the treatment of patients with peritoneal mesothelioma: outcomes of an expanded access program. Clinical Lung Cancer 7: 40-6, 2005.
  • Davis A, Klitus M, Mintzer DM. Chemotherapy-induced amenorrhea from adjuvant breast cancer treatment: the effect of the addition of taxanes. Clinical Breast Cancer 6:421-4; 2005
  • Maguire WF, Mintzer DM, Stopyra GA, Stern J. Strongyloidiasis diagnosed by endoscopic biopsy in a
    patient with multiple myeloma
    . Community Oncology 3: 144-6; 2006.
  • Treat J, Bonomi P, McCleod M, Christiansen NP, Mintzer DM, Monberg M, Ye Z, Chen R, Obasaju C. Administration of pemetrexed immediately following gemcitabine as front-line therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: A phase II trial. Lung Cancer. 2006; 53(1):77-83.
  • Mintzer DM. The heart and mind of cancer care. Book review: A physicians' guide to pain and symptom management in cancer patients (2nd edition). Community Oncology 3, 29; 2006.
  • Mintzer D, Schwartzberg LS, Cobb P, Henry D, Fortner BV. Phase II trial of nanoparticle albumin + capecitabine in first line therapy of metastatic breast cancer. Proc ASCO 18S: 10731; 2006.

Anthony Meadows, PhD, MT-BC, music therapist, was recently named assistant professor of music, Department of Music Therapy, Immaculata University. He is also a faculty member in the new Music and Imagery Institute at Anna Maria College in Boston. He is editing Qualitative Inquiries in Music Therapy, Volume 3, to be published in September.

David Henry, MD, Director of Penn HIV Oncology Program,
published the following articles:

  • Henry, D.H. Final results of a randomized study comparing two dosing regimens of epoetin alfa in patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia: 80,000 U every two weeks vs. 40,000 U weekly. Poster presented at 2006 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual meeting.
  • Glaspy, J., Henry, D., Canon, J., Lam, H., Lillie, T. Darbepoetin alfa administered at varying intervals compared with weekly epoetin alfa for treating chemotherapy induced anemia: a pooled analysis of 20 clinical trials. Proc ASCO 18S: 18508: 2006.
  • Nagle, D., Henry, DH, Iagaru, A., Mastoris, L., Chmielewski, J., Rosenstock, J. The utility of PET scanning in the management of squamous cell carcinoma of the anus. Proc ASCO 18S: 4152; 2006.
  • Henry, DH, Shasha, D. Hematopoietic response to extended dosing of epoetin alfa 60,000 U every 2 weeks in anemic cancer patients not receiving therapy: Final results. Blood (ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts) 2005; 106; Abstract 3764.
  • Henry, DH, Xie, J., Woodman, RC. Randomized, Open-Label study of Epoetin alfa 40,000 U once weekly vs. 80,000 U every two weeks in anemic patients with cancer receiving chemotherapy. Blood (ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts) 2005; 106; Abstract 3772.
  • Fesnak, A., Mastoris, J., Ley, S., Henry, DH. Routine blood draw during chemotherapy does not cause significant iron deficiency. Blood (ASH Annual Meeting Abstracts) 2005; 106; Abstract 3720.
  • Grote, T., Yeilding, AL, Castillo, R., Butler, D., Fishkin, E. Henry, D., DeLeo, M., Fink, K., Sullivan, DJ. Efficacy and safety analysis of epoetin alfa in patients with small-cell lung cancer: a randomized, double-blind placebo-controlled trial. J. Clin. Oncology. 2005 Dec., 20: 23(36) 9377-86.
  • Glaspy, J., Henry, D., Patel, R. et al. Effects of chemotherapy on endogenous erythropoietin levels and the pharmacokinetics and erythropoietic response of darbepoetin alfa: a randomized clinical trial of synchronous versus asynchronous dosing of darbepoetin alfa. Eur. J. Cancer, 2005. May: 41(8): 1140-9.
  • Cortesi, E. Gascon, P., Henry, D. et al. Standard of care for cancer-related anemia: improving hemoglobin levels and quality of life. Oncology, 2005: 68 Suppl 1: 22-32.
  • Henry, DH. Epoetin alfa for the treatment of cancer and chemotherapy-related anemia: product review and update. Expert Opin Pharmacother. 2005 Feb; 6(2); 295-310.
  • Lalezari, JP, Bellos, NC, Santhasivam, K., Richmond, GJ, Cohen, CJ, Myers, RA, Henry, DH. T- 1249 retains potent antiretroviral activity in patients who had experienced virological failure while on an enfuvirtide-containing treatment regimen. J. Infect. Disease 2005, Apr. 1:191(7): 1155-63.
  • Henry, DH, Lucio, N.G., Charu, V., et al. Randomized, open-label comparison of epoetin alfa extended dosing (80,000 U Q2W) vs. weekly dosing (40,000 U QW) in patients with chemotherapy-induced anemia. Current Medical Research and Opinion, 22(7) 2006, 1403-1413.

Arthur Staddon, MD, Medical Director of the Cancer Center, published the following article: Staddon, AP, Kilcoyne, S, Latham, JN, Henry, DH. Tolerability of pegylated liposomal doxorubicin 20 mg/m2 every 2 weeks in the management of solid or hematologic malignancies. Proc ASCO 18S: 18500; 2006.


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