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Penn Rhinology

Penn surgeons provide medical treatment and surgical intervention for nose, nasal and sinus disorders and are leaders in developing new techniques to improve nasal function.

Treatment for Nose, Nasal and Sinus Disorders

Today, there is a wide range of medications to effectively treat many nose, nasal and sinus disorders such as inflammation and infection.

There are also less invasive surgical procedures, specifically endoscopic surgery, to treat nose, nasal and sinus conditions.

An endoscope is a medical device consisting of a long, thin, tube that has a light and a video camera. Images from inside the patient's nasal passages can be seen on a screen and are recorded.

Endoscopic surgery has fewer side effects such as less pain, and shortens the recovery time for a patient.

Penn physicians also pioneered functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) in the United States. FESS opens the nasal passages to improve drainage while maintaining normal nasal function. This procedure may be used for patients with acute or chronic sinus problems who have not responded to other therapies.

Rhinology Physicians and Team

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