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Penn Center for Implantable Hearing Devices

Penn's Center for Implantable Hearing Devices offers patients cochlear implants.

Penn's Center for Implantable Hearing Devices is the leading program in the Philadelphia area for cochlear implantation. The program was started more than 25 years ago with the advent of the first implant devices. Today, the center has a comprehensive, active cochlear implantation program including state-of-the-art surgical placement of the device.

What is a Cochlear Implant?

Cochlear implants can restore hearing to most patients who have suffered a severe-to-profound hearing loss in both ears.

Following an evaluation, an internal electrode is surgically placed in the inner ear and stabilized under the skin. An external sound processor worn behind the ear transmits sound to the electrode via a magnetic link. The electrode then stimulates the fibers of the auditory (hearing) nerve, which in turn transmits sound to the brain.

Otorhinolaryngologists at Penn were one of the first teams in North America to perform cochlear implant surgery in the 1980s, and they continue to be involved with all major research efforts in this field. Penn has the only regional program in Philadelphia conducting research and clinical trials, giving patients access to the latest technologies and advancements.

Treating Hearing Loss with Cochlear Implants

The continuous improvement in cochlear implant technology and a commitment to the latest research and technical advancements has enabled specialists at Penn to offer an alternative to patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss who no longer benefit from a hearing aid.

Cochlear implant surgery is simple, safe, and its benefits are well established. Following the procedure, most patients are able to better communicate and be more independent. Some patients may even regain the ability to enjoy music.

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