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Penn Audiology

Penn Audiology provides diagnosis and treatment for people with hearing loss. Hearing loss treatment allows patients to communicate and stay connected to the world around them.

Treatment for Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be complex. There are many causes and types of hearing loss. Varying degrees of hearing loss can affect a person's ability to communicate, which can cause decreased quality of life.

Penn audiologists are experts in diagnosing hearing loss. Together, work closely with the patient's primary care physician to provide a customized, patient-centered approach to care.

Penn Audiology, a division of the Penn Department of Otorhinolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery, ranked as best in the Philadelphia region and one of the finest in the country. Penn audiologists are leaders in their field with decades of experience treating people with hearing loss and balance difficulty.

Penn audiologists counsel patients so they understand their hearing problem or disorder. Together with their audiologist and physician, patients make choices about their care, which helps them achieve the goal of optimal communication and improved quality of life.

Audiology Physicians and Team

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