Neuro-Ophthalmology Service

Bridging the fields of ophthalmology and neurology, the Neuro-Ophthalmology Service provides diagnostic service and treatment for patients with neurological and general systemic diseases that affect vision and eye movements. The service evaluates and treats patients with vision loss from optic nerve disease, double vision, orbital abnormalities and disease, and central nervous system disorders, such as stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS), which affect the eyes. Visit the Penn Neurological Institute website to learn more.

Patients with poorly defined visual symptoms or patients with persistent ocular problems, which remain despite previous ophthalmic and neurological evaluation, are candidates for neuro-ophthalmology evaluation.

Conditions/Diseases Treated

Treatments/Surgeries Offered

  • Optic nerve decompression
  • Eye muscle surgery
  • Temporal artery biopsy
  • Gold weight insertions
  • Tarsorraphy
  • Botox injections
  • Treatment of all aspects of thyroid disease (in conjunction with Oculoplastics Service)

Locations Where Patients Are Evaluated and Treated

Our Team

For more information, visit the Penn Neuro-Ophthalmology website at www.upno.org.