What We Treat

The Scheie Eye Institute, named for Dr. Harold Scheie, is the Department of Ophthalmology for the University of Pennsylvania Health System. It is one of the few institutes in the country to offer complete eye care, staffed by a team of highly-trained, full-time ophthalmologists who also conduct extensive clinical research. Services range from general eye care, such as LASIK, corneal and refractive surgery to the most advanced ocular surgery and the treatment of diseases that have an impact on vision, neurobiology and other related areas.

As one of the largest recipients of funding from the National Eye Institute, our specialists are widely consulted for their expertise and excellence treating a full range of eye disorders. Their research on the hereditary and biological causes for a number of degenerative diseases has translated into significant improvements in patient care. Our specialists are able to prevent greater vision loss in patients and ensure the basic ability to see clearly in others.

In each case, our specialists dedicate time and attention to understanding the root causes of your condition and the personalized treatment it requires.