Penn Ob/Gyn Care

Neonatology at Pennsylvania Hospital

Pennsylvania Hospital has been at the forefront of neonatal services since the mid 1950's. A large percentage of the infants born at Pennsylvania Hospital are from high-risk pregnancies, and many of these babies require advanced neonatal care.

Our neonatal team is known for its successful care of extremely small infants, some weighing less than 500 grams (approximately one pound). According to data from an international comparative database (Vermont/Oxford Neonatal Network), Pennsylvania Hospital ranks consistently among the best centers in the United States for outcomes of preterm infants.

Leadership, Education and Research

Our neonatologists participate in research and education as faculty members of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Our clinical research – which is always conducted with the consent of the parents – focuses on enhancing the ability of premature babies to exist outside the uterus without developing chronic diseases.

Recent areas of research include:

  • Use of inhaled nitric oxide to reduce lung inflammation and chronic lung disease
  • Early, low dose or inhaled corticosteroids to prevent chronic lung disease
  • Clinical nomograms to predict bilirubin-induced brain damage
  • Optimal mechanical ventilation strategies
  • Effects of cardiovascular drugs on organ blood flow
  • Optimization of antioxidant vitamin therapies
  • Use of specialized antibodies to prevent newborn infections

The Newborn Pediatrics physicians participate in the education of neonatal fellows, residents and medical students. They publish in peer-reviewed journals and speak at national and international conferences about new information on the management of infants. They provide education to community organizations and individuals worldwide, and work within the government structure to promote health care of women and children.