Penn Ob/Gyn Care

Intensive Care Nursery at Pennsylvania Hospital

Our level III Intensive Care Nursery currently has 50 bassinets, including intensive care and transitional care sections. This Level III nursery (the highest care level) is staffed by physicians from The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and nurses who specialize in infant intensive care.

Parents have additional space to be with their babies, including an overnight room to use if their child is critically ill, or if they are preparing to take their baby home. Liberal visitation policies include 24-hour access for parents, grandparents, others designated by the parents, as well as a sibling visitation.

Infant Development Program

The infant development program teaches parents how to help their babies adapt to life outside the womb. While all new parents have this responsibility, the need is intensified with a premature or sick newborn. The premature infant thrives best with a staged program of sensory stimulation relating to vision, hearing, psychomotor development and feeding, including learning how to suck, swallow and breathe simultaneously.

Parents and baby continue to receive support from our team after leaving the ICN, including daily contact by telephone for as long as necessary. We are available to work with parents 24 hours a day.

Our outpatient service for babies who have been in the ICN provides specialized consultative care, including neurodevelopmental assessment and pulmonary function evaluation. Our team follows these babies with their pediatrician until they are free of medication, cardiac monitoring, or other special needs. We strive to identify neurologic or developmental problems at their onset, and intervene immediately before they can alter the child's development or self-perception.