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Maternal Fetal Medicine at Pennsylvania Hospital

Every pregnant couple wants to give birth to a healthy child. Maternal fetal medicine specialists at Pennsylvania Hospital passionately share that goal and strive to help women experiencing medically complicated pregnancies deliver healthy babies.

Pennsylvania Hospital has long been recognized for its outstanding expertise in maternal fetal medicine -- the management of pregnancy for women experiencing medical complications. It is the genuine caring and one-on-one approach that distinguishes our maternal fetal medicine specialists from other high-risk obstetric programs in the area.

We view our patients as active participants in their care. As such, each woman is provided with individualized education and information to help her make the most appropriate choices for both herself and her baby. Our practitioners can work in consultation with primary care obstetricians or follow you through your entire pregnancy.

Our Staff

Our practitioners believe in comprehensive care, providing not only the latest in medical care, but also understanding the emotional concerns and stresses faced by these patients during pregnancy. Women experiencing high-risk pregnancies go through many emotions, veering from hope to fear, from anxiety to excitement. With this in mind, our patients receive compassionate, respectful care.

Pennsylvania Hospital maternal fetal medicine specialists are involved in numerous clinical trials offering the latest advances for management of high-risk pregnancies. In particular, women at risk for premature labor due to an incompetent cervix benefit from the hospital's involvement in clinical trials to evaluate the role of the cervix during pregnancy as a predictor of premature birth, and the assessment of new technologies to prevent pre-term birth and pregnancy loss.

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