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Maternal Fetal Medicine (High-risk Pregnancy)

A general obstetrician can care for most pregnancies. However, sometimes having a baby is more complicated than usual. A pregnancy is considered high-risk when there are potential complications that could affect the mother, the baby or both. These complications could exist prior to pregnancy or could arise during pregnancy and include:

  • Heart disease
  • Cervical insufficiency
  • High blood pressure (hypertension) or preeclampsia (toxemia)
  • Placental problems
  • Multiple gestation pregnancies (twins, triplets or more)
  • Diabetes or other endocrine disorders
  • Infectious diseases
  • Kidney or gastrointestinal disease
  • Premature rupture of membranes
  • Recurrent pre-term labor and delivery
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss
  • Congenital abnormalities (birth defects)
  • Later age pregnancy

A maternal-fetal medicine specialist is an ob/gyn who has received additional education (a fellowship) and can evaluate, diagnose and monitor high-risk pregnancies. Penn maternal fetal medicine obstetricians specialize in making a high-risk situation less stressful for you, your baby and your family. Whether your risk is during the term of your pregnancy, during labor and delivery, or during the post-partum period, our specialists care for the unique needs of your growing family.

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