Nursing at Penn Medicine

Nursing at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) was established in 1874 as the nation's first teaching hospital and is one of the nation's premier academic medical centers. As a Magnet® recognized institution, HUP offers nurses the opportunity to practice professional nursing in an environment committed to the highest standards of compassionate patient-centered care, technological advancements, education and clinical research.

Nursing Culture

HUP is dedicated to focusing on the needs of patients and their families. HUP's nursing culture delivers high quality, patient-centered care that is influenced by education, experience, and research. Nurses practicing at HUP:

  • Provide high quality, individualized, evidence-based and fiscally responsible nursing care
  • Are driven by an environment of continuous improvement that is fast paced, high achieving and competitive
  • Are motivated and encouraged to thrive through accountability, peer evaluation, and a shared governance model that empower nurses to have a voice within their practice
  • Are rewarded for innovation, assertiveness and offering input that contributes to improved patient care
  • Are "knowledge workers" or professionals that use their specialized knowledge to problem solve and use their unique skills to accomplish their work.

An Innovator in Nursing Practice

HUP possesses one of the leading nursing models of practice in the nation, entitled HUP Nursing Excellence in Professional Practice (HUPNEPP). This visionary model was conceptualized as a means to achieve the highest quality of patient care and facilitate professional growth opportunities for nurses. This multi-faceted, innovative model transformed the nursing culture at HUP, empowering nurses to practice world-class patient care through:

Skilled Communication

  • Having a two-way dialogue in which people think and decide together
  • Having familiar knowledge, united with readiness and dexterity in its application to maintain a healthy work environment


  • Respectful, collegial communication and behavior
  • Team orientation
  • Presence of trust
  • Respect for diversity

A Respectful Workplace

To improve the level of professionalism among all staff, the "respectful workplace" values collaborative practice that works to meet the needs of patients by establishing principles and support systems for professional conduct.

A respectful workplace is characterized by understanding, awareness, ownership and the ability to provide feedback to others.

About the Facility

The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is a 772-bed, world-renowned facility known for its clinical and research excellence. As the nation's oldest medical center and teaching hospital, HUP has pioneered best practices in nursing that have created a culture of excellence for nurses, patients and their families. In 2007, HUP achieved Magnet® recognition, one of the highest honors a hospital can earn in the world of professional nursing. This prestigious honor acknowledges health care organizations for quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice.

A Mission to Continuously Improve the Patient and Family Experience

HUP is on a never-ending journey to improve the patient and family experience. Recently HUP has established a patient family advisory committee. These advisors consist of a volunteer group of current patients, former patients and family members that work with HUP faculty to improve the patient experience. This collaboration works to better serve and enhance the patient experience. These advisors are instrumental in all new programs initiated at HUP.

Nursing Specialties at HUP

At HUP, nurses can grow and excel in the following areas:

Read a message from the Chief Nursing Officer at HUP, Regina Cunningham, to learn more about HUP's exceptional nursing environment or find more information on nursing career opportunities.