Nursing at Penn Medicine

Women's Health Nursing Careers at Penn Medicine

Embracing all aspects of women's health, from pregnancy and postpartum care to gynecology/oncology, this specialty offers nurses the opportunity to concentrate on the unique physical and emotional needs of women and newborns. This is where nurses can make a difference for women who have complications of childbirth or are undergoing surgery of complex treatments, all with the primary objective of achieving positive outcomes. The goal of the nursing care in this specialty is to help women gain control over their personal health and to promote healthy lifestyles.

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

The labor and delivery unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) consists of labor and delivery beds, operating rooms, post-anesthesia care, and a perinatal evaluation center. The mother-baby unit cares for both antepartum and postpartum patients with a strong focus on family-centered care.

The intensive care nursery at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania is a Level III unit where a highly skilled nursing staff provides top-notch care to the smallest patients. Nurses in the intensive care nursery attend deliveries with the neonatal team and assist with emergency measures to stabilize and transfer neonates to the unit. As the neonate transitions, the care is focused on discharge planning and assisting the family in acquiring the necessary skills to care for their infant at home.

The women's health unit at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania provides both inpatient and outpatient care for women undergoing gynecological surgery and therapies related to oncology such as chemotherapy, radiation and antepartum care.