Nursing at Penn Medicine

Behavioral Health Nursing Careers at Penn Medicine

Behavioral health nurses at Penn Medicine work with health care professionals in the surrounding community and from around the world to establish long-term, collaborative relationships. Penn's behavioral health nurses are committed to being reliable and trustworthy resources for helping provide most advanced treatment options to meet the needs of patients with behavioral health diseases. They strive to maintain open lines of communication with physicians and their patients to ensure that each patient's care is as seamless as possible.

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center

Penn Presbyterian Medical Center's Behavioral Health Program allows nurses to utilize a variety of treatment modalities within a structured team environment. Units include inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation and inpatient adult acute psychiatry and dual diagnosis.

Pennsylvania Hospital

Working alongside world-renowned clinicians, behavioral health nurses at Pennsylvania Hospital participate in pharmacotherapy and psychodynamic treatment modalities. The psychiatric inpatient unit treats both voluntary and involuntary patients. Nurses, physicians, social workers and occupational and recreational therapists are members of a highly regarded, multidisciplinary team that works to improve the mental health of patients.

The Crisis Response Center at Pennsylvania Hospital is one of five centers in Philadelphia that offers 24-hour, emergency evaluation and treatment for psychiatric patients. Each month, an estimated 500 to 600 patients are treated by the clinical staff.