Nursing at Penn Medicine

Confirmation of Affiliation Agreement

Penn Medicine requires a current affiliation agreement for all students. Students should confirm with their school’s Program Director or Office of Student Affairs that a current Affiliation Agreement is in place and will remain current beyond the dates of the proposed student rotation.

An affiliation agreement must be specific to the entity (Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, Pennsylvania Hospital, Good Shepherd Penn Partners or Penn Care at Home) and to either the undergraduate or graduate programs. These agreements define the requirements that the Accredited School must meet specific to student health screening and immunization status, certification, insurance coverage, liability, drug screening and criminal background check.

If no current Affiliation Agreement is on record and you wish to pursue the establishment of a new agreement, you may contact via email the following entity representatives:

  • Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
    Cynthia Richardson, MSN, RN
    Fax: 215-662-6140
    Phone: 267-414-2836
  • Pennsylvania Hospital
    David O'Brien, MSN, RN
    Fax: 215-829-8757
    Phone: 215-829-8457
  • Penn Presbyterian Medical Center
    Barbara Anderson, MSN, RN
    Fax: 215-662-9179
    Phone: 215-662-8610
  • Good Shepherd Penn Partners
    William Kupchunas, RN,CRRN
    Fax: 215-893-6301
    Phone: 215-893-6325
  • Penn Care at Home & Hospice
    Christine Bossone, MSN, RN
    Fax: 610-747-3489
    Phone: 610-747-3400