Nursing at Penn Medicine

Student Nursing at Penn Medicine

All new students interested in a student clinical rotation must apply. Course Coordinators and/or Clinical Instructors are responsible for completing the steps below.

Student Nurses at Penn Medicine

Thank you for your interest in establishing a clinical rotation for your Student Nurses within Penn Medicine. To ensure safe patient care and an optimal learning experience, please review the following guidelines and instructions.

Are you the Course Coordinator and/or Clinical Instructor for your institution that is responsible for the placing of nursing students?

  • If yes, please continue to follow the steps below.
  • If no, please have your Course Coordinator and/or Clinical Instructor complete the steps below.

Steps to Arrange a Nursing Student Clinical Rotation at Penn Medicine

The following steps must be completed:

  1. Confirmation of Affiliation Agreement
  2. Request for Student Clinical Placement:
  3. Student Compliance: Health Screening and Regulatory Requirements
  4. Computer Training
  5. Procedure to Obtain Penn ID
  6. Security Photo ID Process
  7. Faculty Guidelines pdf icon
  8. Clinical Evaluation Form pdf icon