Nursing at Penn Medicine

Nursing Opportunities at Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine offers one of the most prestigious and professionally fulfilling nursing environments in the nation. At Penn, nurse leadership has a strong voice, enabling nurses to directly participate in decisions affecting their practice.

Through hands on experience and an unwavering dedication to delivering compassionate care to patients, the nursing staff has designed many of Penn Medicine's best practices. Unique opportunities for professional growth are available for nurses on a variety of interdisciplinary teams.

Nursing's Commitment to Learning and Professional Growth

Nurses at Penn Medicine are dedicated to the primary mission of providing the most effective and compassionate care for patients while being committed to professional development within the workplace. Penn Medicine's unsurpassed focus on continued excellence in nursing and professional growth empowers our nurses with access to extensive learning opportunities including mentoring, advanced education and the Clinical Advancement Recognition Program (CARP). Penn offers job opportunities that span the complete spectrum of health care specialties in nursing as career paths unfold and interests grow.

Nurses find a wealth of opportunity in all of Penn Medicine's unique facilities:

Each of these renowned entities provides an environment where nurses are respected, supported and valued. This dedication is evident through Penn's extensive list of nursing employment benefits, including prepaid tuition assistance that is among the best in the nation.