Penn Neurosurgery Patient Stories

  • Steve


    As Steve's Parkinson's disease progressed and medications became less effective, he knew he was running out of options. Dr. Baltuch talked to him about Deep Brain Stimulation and Steve decided "I just had to do it."

  • Candace


    Several years ago, Candace Gantt was knocked from her bike by a truck, suffering a severe traumatic brain injury. Death seemed certain. Yet, at 55, she competed in her first-ever Ironman Triathlon.

  • Christopher


    Christopher Hoare, a patient of William Welch, MD, was recently treated for lumbar degenerative disc disease through a lumbar discectomy surgery. He let us know how he's doing.

  • Belinda


    Suffering from hemifacial spasm, which caused her eye and cheek to twitch, for nearly 13 years, Belinda Reyes opted for surgery. Dr. John Lee performed the procedure with miraculous results.

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