Penn Neurosurgery at Doylestown Hospital

Expert Penn neurosurgeons see patients at Doylestown Hospital to provide evaluations of all brain, spine and central nervous system conditions.

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The Pavilion at Doylestown Hospital
599 West State Street
Doylestown, PA 18901


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Steven Brem, MD

Conditions Treated

Highly trained Penn neurosurgeons are available at Doylestown Hospital* to see patients with the following conditions:

  • Back, neck and spine pain
  • Other back, neck and spine disorders
  • Brain cancer and tumors
  • Other brain disorders

Full list of conditions treated.

Penn neurosurgeons are leaders in implementing the latest techniques and technology to provide the most advanced neurosurgical care.

* Through an exclusive partnership with Doylestown Hospital, Penn neurosurgeons see patients with all neurosurgical conditions at The Cancer Institute of Doylestown Hospital. Doylestown Hospital is an affiliate of the Penn Cancer Network.