Penn Pituitary Center

Pituitary Treatments

Members of the Penn Pituitary Center's multidisciplinary team are world-renowned experts in the treatment of patients with pituitary disease. They utilize the latest technologies of diagnosis and treatment and are knowledgeable on the latest medical and surgical interventions, many of which they were often instrumental in their development.

Treatment Resources of the Penn Pituitary Center

  • Patient instruction: Dedicated Penn Pituitary Center nurses instruct patients in self-administration of specialized neuroendocrine medications.
  • Clinical trials: Trials of new neuroendocrine medications offer patients access to new treatments not otherwise available.
  • Neurosurgery: Penn neurosurgeons use advanced endoscopic and microscopic techniques along with intraoperative image guidance to achieve the best therapeutic results.
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT): Five to seven modulated fields of radiation precisely shape the radiation field to conform to the target and avoid normal tissue. The Z Med localization device allows for millimeter accuracy of positioning and monitors positioning during the treatment.
  • Gamma Knife® radiation: Delivers a single high dose of gamma radiation stereotactically to the tumor.
  • Proton beam therapy: Uses protons to treat tumors and offers the advantage of delivering a high dose to the tumor, with a very small dose to the surrounding normal tissue.