Penn Brain Tumor Center

Translating Discovery to Recovery: A Circle of Exceptional, Personalized Care for Patients with Brain Tumors

The Penn Brain Tumor Center (BTC) is nationally recognized for innovative, cutting-edge therapy of benign and malignant tumors originating in the brain, as well as metastatic cancer that originates outside of the brain.

A collaborative team of Penn specialists work to develop personalized treatment plans based on their comprehensive, multidisciplinary review of all of the diagnostic information available. This includes molecular profiling, advanced neuroimaging and neurocognitive testing to select the best therapeutic options.

Penn Brain Tumor Center leadership, faculty and staff are uniquely qualified and dedicated to a single mission: from discovery to recovery, the Penn Brain Tumor Center provides a circle of exceptional care for patients with brain tumors. The center works closely with national organizations such as the American Brain Tumor Association, National Brain Tumor Society, National Cancer Institute and the NCI-sponsored Adult Brain Tumor Consortium to provide outstanding, personalized care.

Penn neurosurgeons are nationally renowned as "Top Doctors" for their skill, innovation and expertise.

Treatment options include:

  • Advanced neuronavigation with diffusion tractography.
  • Language and motor mapping of eloquent areas of the brain.
  • 3D endoscopic surgery including endoscopic third ventriculostomy for hydrocephalus, pituitary and skull base tumors.
  • Intraoperative neuromonitoring.
  • Highly-precise radiation therapies - Gamma Knife®, CyberKnife® and Proton Therapy.

Specialists at the Penn Brain Tumor Center work closely with radiation oncologists, medical physicists and medical oncologists to optimize dose planning and maximize safety while optimizing the benefit of radiation therapy.

Penn has more ways to target the tumor and spare the brain.

The Penn Brain Tumor Center philosophy is: "We perform tumor surgery, not brain surgery." The center offers an expanding range of advanced treatment options for targeting and destroying brain tumors. In making clinical decisions, the team provides best practices using the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines. An active program of clinical trials and experimental therapeutics allows Penn brain tumor physicians to provide treatment for tumors that today are considered incurable, including novel drug and vaccine therapies.

The Penn Brain Tumor Center represents the forefront of the field of neuro-oncology, where new research discoveries are rapidly translated to innovative care and better treatment options for patients. The center has organized a unique group of more than 20 clinical and scientific faculty from eight Penn institutions, with a single mission to advance new therapies from the laboratory to clinical practice.