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The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) program at the University of Pennsylvania Health System provides comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment for patients with MS and other demyelinating disorders of the central nervous system. In addition to maintaining high standards for clinical service, the Penn MS program is a leader in MS training and in clinical and laboratory-based research.

Multiple Sclerosis

A Legacy of Hope
The MS program was originally established in 1980 to perform basic research to investigate the origin and development of multiple sclerosis and to provide specialty services for individuals who were burdened with what was, at that time, an untreatable disease. Since then, the program has trained many of the leading MS clinicians and researchers throughout the U.S. and internationally.

  • As active and consistent participants in pivotal MS treatment trials, faculty and staff in the MS program have provided important contributions to the development of immunomodulatory and other forms of therapy.
  • Neuroradiology and immunology research at Penn is continuing to advance techniques and models of disease to advance diagnosis and treatment.
  • Researchers in MS and neuro-ophthalmology at Penn are leading international collaborative efforts to develop measures of visual function and axonal loss through ocular imaging for use in ongoing and future MS clinical trials. These studies have also established the visual profile of MS as including sub-clinical dysfunction not detectable by conventional visual acuity testing.

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