Penn Program for Mindfulness

Training in Teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Management

Completion of our 8-week Mindfulness-based Stress Management Program (or a similar program) is a prerequisite to all training options below.

Many individuals who experience the benefits of mindfulness in their personal lives, work and relationships, develop a passion to bring mindfulness into the world by becoming a meditation teacher. A variety of training options, as seen below, are available. All training options require individuals to have at minimum an established, ongoing, regular personal mindfulness practice.

  • Practicum in Mindfulness-Based Stress Management - Combine the experience of a foundation mindfulness-based stress management class with analysis and discussion of the class content and process. Establish a through grounding in the ways in which mindfulness is taught and learned.
  • Apprenticeship and Mentoring (After completion of the practicum) - Further explore the eight-week mindfulness-based stress management program at a deeper level with private mentoring from a senior instructor.
  • Advanced Teaching Skills - Co-facilitate a mindfulness-based stress management class with a senior instructor. Includes: individual mentoring, supervision, and collaborative critiquing of teaching skills.
  • Individual Supervision and Consultation (For established mindfulness teachers or teachers in training) - Receive ongoing supervision and consultation from senior instructors of the Penn Program for Mindfulness.
  • Group Supervision - Attend a eight-week offering facilitated by Michael Baime and Karen Bowles. Group supervison includes weekly 2-hour sessions that provide time for mindfulness teachers to explore shared themes that arise within the experience of teaching. Participants will receive guidance and feedback on teaching mindfulness.
  • Internship (Support for mindfulness teachers in training) - Make the transition to teaching mindfulness independently. Individuals will co-teach or teach independently with supervision and feedback from a senior instructor.
  • Certification - A dynamic process involving a thorough assessment of teaching skills and experience.

For more information or to register, email, or call 215-615-2774.