Penn Program for Mindfulness

Advanced Mindfulness Courses

Many people find it difficult to maintain a regular practice without the support of a group or the structure of a class. While individual practice is essential to making mindfulness a part of our daily lives, group practice strengthens our commitment to ourselves and deepens our understanding. A community of practitioners offers support for bringing mindfulness more fully into everyday life.

Our advanced mindfulness courses provide a more detailed exploration of the foundations of meditation. Topic-specific retreats, intensives, workshops and programs offered throughout the year are designed to deepen your practice and your ability to apply mindfulness to life. They will help you to increase the experience of balance, depth and meaning in your practice, and lead you to find your own ways to apply practice to make it work for you.

Pre-requisite for most advanced programs: Completion of the 8 week PPM Stress Management Foundation Program or similar training and approval from the Penn Program for Mindfulness Staff