Penn Program for Mindfulness


The Penn Program for Mindfulness provides four categories of programs for individuals interested in mindfulness. Mindfulness courses are offered at various locations around the Philadelphia region.

No matter whether you're a beginner to the practice of mindfulness or someone who has completed the 8-week Foundation program and are looking for more advanced mindfulness training, we offer programs which suite your background. We also offer programs for healthcare providers as well as educators and working professionals.

  • Foundation Mindfulness-based Stress Management - 2 hour introductory mindfulness workshops and 8-week Foundation Mindfulness-Based Stress Management courses are offered three times a year in a number of locations throughout the Philadelphia metropolitan area and New Jersey. The 8-week program provides a thorough introduction to the practice of mindfulness meditation and teaches participants how to apply these techniques into daily life.

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  • Advanced Stress Management Programs - Advanced programs are offered throughout the year to support individuals who have completed our 8-week Foundation Program or similar training in sustaining, enhancing and refining their application of mindfulness in daily life.

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  • Programs for Health Care Providers - Healing the Heart and Mind - An 8-week CME/CEU mindfulness and meditation program specifically for health care professionals that reviews the basics of mindfulness meditation. Participants explore how these techniques can be used to manage stress, enhance communication, and promote empathy and healing in clinical practice.

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  • Professional Development and Training - We also provide professional and customized trainings in a wide variety of areas. For example, we offer programs for educators to apply mindfulness to support the experience of teaching and learning; and worksite leaders, employees, and targeted groups of professionals, to develop focus, productivity, communication and work/life balance.

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