Penn Program for Mindfulness

Our Team and Teachers

The highly qualified instructors at the Penn Program for Mindfulness each have decades of experience in adapting an ancient science to modern needs.

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Michael J. Baime, MD

Michael J. Baime, MD, is director of the Penn Program for Mindfulness at the University of Pennsylvania Health System and has taught mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques since 1983. He teaches mindfulness-based stress management and communication techniques to faculty and students at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine.

  • Karen Bowles, MD

    Karen Bowles, MD

    Karen Bowles, MD, is a primary care physician and teacher within the medical school at the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to teaching in our public program, Karen is the Director of Professional Training for the Penn Program for Mindfulness. Karen also co-facilitates our courses for health care providers, medical, nursing and undergraduate students.

    "Karen is wonderful. I learned subtle and unexpected things from her reflections to me and to others."

    - Kelli W.

    "Karen is fabulous! Excellent job facilitating."

    - Joanna K.

  • Robin A. Hall, BA

    Robin A. Hall, BA

    Robin A. Hall, BA, is the Program & Marketing Manager. As the Marketing Manager, she draws on her marketing/media expertise in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry and the medical community to increase awareness of and participation in our mindfulness programs. As the Program Manager she manages all administrative aspects of mindfulness programming execution.

  • Bidi McSorley, MD

    Bidi McSorley, MD

    Bidi McSorley, MD, is a pediatrician with a practice in center city Philadelphia. She is also on the clinical affiliate faculty at the University of Pennsylvania and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. She received her mindfulness teacher training through the Penn Program for Mindfulness. In addition to teaching foundation courses, she is working on developing mindfulness programming for children, teens, and parents.

    "I was very happy to have Bidi McSorely as my teacher. She has a very calming and reassuring manner. I thought her guided meditations were very good."

    - Mindy W.

    "Bidi is a wonderful and sincere teacher."

    - Carol S.

  • Gabriel Rocco, MA

    Gabriel Rocco, MA

    Gabriel Rocco, MA, is a psychotherapist in private practice. He often teaches mindfulness to cancer patients in treatment and leads programs for parents, healthcare workers and the general public. His study and practice of meditation also extends for over 20 years.

  • Lori Volpe, BA, RYT

    Lori Volpe, BA, RYT

    Lori Volpe, BA, RYT, received training in teaching mindfulness at the Penn Program for Mindfulness and through a 7-day professional training retreat directed by Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. Her meditation and yoga practice spans 18 years. Lori has extensive experience leading and facilitating groups for diverse organizations and, in addition to teaching meditation and yoga, is administrator of a non-profit meditation center.

    "Lori is an excellent instructor. Her genuine kindness and compassion was healing to me."

    - Ayanna L.

    "The most helpful part of this program was Lori's compassion for every participant and her passion in sharing how powerful mindfulness can be in our lives."

    - Barbara G.

  • Mara Wei, M.Ed.

    Mara Wai, M.Ed.

    Mara Wai, M.Ed. received training in teaching mindfulness with the Penn Program for Mindfulness. She teaches our foundation program, and other introductory and advanced mindfulness programs. Mara is also the Associate Director and oversees program development and administration. Additionally, she is a mind-body coach and utilizes mindfulness and other mind-body tools to support her clients to apply their inner wisdom in pursuit of life goals and in navigating challenges.

    "Mara's calm and comforting demeanor created a trusting group environment where we were supported and encouraged."

    - Kathleen S.

    "Mara is a great teacher!"

    - Brian F.

Affiliated Teachers and Faculty

  • Dan Gottlieb

    Dan Gottlieb

    Dan Gottlieb is a psychologist and marital therapist and has been in practice nearly 40 years. His career started in community mental health and substance abuse until his accident in 1979 made him a quadriplegic. Since that time, he has been in private practice. Since 1985, he has been hosting a radio show called "Voices in the Family" on WHYY FM, Philadelphia's NPR affiliate. He was a regular columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer from 1994 until 2008. He is also the author of four books.

  • Lawrence J. Ladden, PhD

    Lawrence J. Ladden, PhD

    Lawrence J. Ladden, PhD, is a licensed psychologist who teaches mindfulness as a foundation for therapeutic work. He is a licensed practitioner of the Systems-Centered approach, a model for change consistent with the values and practice of mindfulness.

  • Jenny Mills, M.Ed.

    Jenny Mills, M.Ed.

    Jenny Mills, M.Ed. is the Director of Development for Educational Programming at the Penn Program for Mindfulness, developing courses for teachers, counselors, and teens. Unlike traditional mindfulness programs, Jenny's MindfulME! Framework embeds tools and strategies directly into the curriculum. In her workshops and classes, she gives teachers and counselors mindfulness strategies to support and enhance teaching and learning. For current projects, please visit