Paul F. Harron Jr. Lung Center

Surfactant Biology Research Program

Michael Beers, MD leads the Surfactant Biology Research Program, which studies the role of surfactant in the lung that includes both biochemical functions of surfactant proteins and the role of surfactant in immunity.

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Other members of the research group include Surafel Mulugeta, PhD in the Pulmonary Division, and investigators from the Institute for Environmental Medicine (IFEM) Aron Fisher, MD and the Department of Neonatology, Susan Guttentag, MD.

This program is funded by two NIH Program Project Grants and numerous RO1 grants.

Specific projects include:

  • Biosynthesis of surfactant protein C
  • SP-C mutations and conformational lung disease (adult IPF population and transgenic mouse models)
  • Surfactant/lamellar body development
  • Lung collectins and host defense
  • Lung collectins and inflammation (bleomycin and fibrosis, SNO/ONOO, hyperoxia)