Paul F. Harron Jr. Lung Center

Thoracic Imaging


Thoracic imaging at Penn Medicine uses the most advanced technology to provide a full array of chest-related imaging services. This technology, combined with the physician expertise of the Penn Lung Center, provides the most accurate diagnostic and treatment information to physicians and patients.

The thoracic imaging team provides a variety of clinical chest-related imaging services, including:

  • Cardiovascular imaging
  • Chest biopsies (including lung biopsies)
  • Computed radiographs (digital chest X-rays)
  • Computed tomography (CT) scans

Thoracic imaging is an active, high-volume clinical service at Penn. Each year, the division performs nearly 95,000 digital chest images and more than 12,000 chest CT scans. Clinicians also perform nearly 200 transthoracic needle biopsy procedures each year.

The Thoracic Imaging Center is located within the Penn Lung Center at the Ruth and Raymond Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, providing patients and physicians with easy access to chest imaging services.