Paul F. Harron Jr. Lung Center

Pulmonary Diagnostics and Second Opinion Physicians & Teams

Penn Medicine is home to the Harron Lung Center and the region's most experienced pulmonologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists. This dedicated team provides expert diagnosis and second opinions for all lung issues.

  • Dedicated patient teams include pulmonary physicians, nurses, physical therapists and respiratory therapists.
  • Patients enjoy a continuum of care provided by medical specialists from different departments in one comprehensive and integrated center.
  • Chest radiologists thoroughly review all lung images and provide interpretation and second opinions, when needed.
  • Pathologists who only work only with lung diseases carefully examine lung biopsies and offer expert opinions.
  • Pulmonologists work closely with the radiologists and pathologists to achieve an accurate diagnosis and create an individualized patient treatment plan.

The body's other organs and systems are sometimes affected by complex lung disease. In those cases, patients can be referred to other Penn Medicine physician specialists who can provide input into their diagnosis and care.


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