Paul F. Harron Jr. Lung Center

Mycobacterial Disease & Chronic Respiratory Infections: The Penn Difference

The Harron Lung Center is leading health care beyond the limits of conventional medicine by offering patients with mycobacterial disease more options to improve their lives.

Harron Lung Center pulmonologists provide individualized treatment for optimal outcomes. They carefully evaluate the antibiotic and treatment options to provide the most successful outcome for every patient.

  • The antibiotics used to treat mycobacterial lung infections can have serious side effects, which may not be tolerated well by the patient. Penn pulmonologists have a great deal of experience administering the strong antibiotics required to treat mycobacterial lung infections. They have a thorough understanding of the medicine, potential side effects and the level of illness they are treating.
  • Some bacteria may become resistant to treatment and Penn pulmonologists are experienced at adjusting the type or dosage of antibiotics being used.

In all treatment regimens, physicians strive to administer the most effective treatment with the fewest possible side effects for the patient.