Paul F. Harron Jr. Lung Center

Lung Cancer


Penn Medicine and Penn's Abramson Cancer Center offer hope to patients facing lung cancer. The early and accurate diagnosis and full range of immediate options available at Penn give patients with lung cancer the best chance of being cured.

For the care of respiratory disorders, Penn is ranked among the top in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Penn's team of thoracic surgeons, pulmonologists, dedicated anesthesiologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, rehabilitation specialists, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists provide comprehensive expertise in treating lung cancer. These specialists incorporate surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and immunotherapy to deliver integrated medicine for complex management of lung cancer.

The program has dedicated specialists who evaluate and treat only lung disease. The team includes a wide variety of experts:

  • thoracic oncology surgeons who specialize in removing lung tumors
  • medical oncologists who treat lung diseases with chemotherapy
  • radiologists who use a variety of imaging techniques to check for the presence of tumors
  • pulmonologists with extensive experience in diagnosing lung diseases
  • pathologists who are experts in evaluating lung tissue

Patients receive a multidisciplinary evaluation and advanced testing for precise diagnosis and staging. Physicians and staff coordinate personalized care throughout the experience with sensitivity and responsiveness. Patients also have access to support services and education programs.

In addition, Penn researchers are on the forefront of testing new surgical procedures and developing the protocols for proton therapy that are changing the way lung cancer is treated.

When treating patients with mesothelioma or pleural disease, Penn Medicine pleural specialists offer more treatment options than most other health systems across the country and around the world.