Penn Kidney

Dialysis Programs

The Penn Dialysis Program has a long history of providing outstanding, patient-centered care to individuals with acute, chronic or end stage kidney failure. Dialysis is a treatment for kidney failure that helps filter waste products, salt and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys lose function. Dialysis also helps restore electrolyte balance and controls blood pressure.

Providing Individualized Treatment Options

"At Penn, we believe that people should do dialysis to live; they shouldn't live to do dialysis."

Our goal is to provide options for patients that improve both their health and the quality of their life. Our dedicated physicians work together using a multidisciplinary approach to create individualized treatment plans for every patient. Patients receive one-on-one consultations to explain and demonstrate every type of dialysis. Our dialysis program offers four options tailored to the unique needs and lifestyle of every patient:

Leaders in Dialysis Care

Our program has a reputation for providing exceptional dialysis care. Penn has the largest program for home dialysis, including peritoneal dialysis, in the Delaware Valley, and we have the largest academic home dialysis-training program in the Northeast. Our outstanding teaching hospital focuses on training physicians and nurses in leading-edge, state-of-the-art care. Our physicians collaborate with specialists from all disciplines across Penn's vast health system, including:

Penn Dialysis Outpatient Locations

The Penn Dialysis Program has a variety of convenient outpatient centers located throughout the Philadelphia area:

If you are interested in receiving care at one of our dialysis centers, please call 215-662-7777 for more information.