Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Adult Volunteer Online Application for the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Before you begin the application process for volunteering, please answer the following questions to help you determine if the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP) is the best place for you. In making a commitment to give your time and service freely, please also discuss your decision with family and other important people in your life. Keep in mind the responsibility of making this important decision to volunteer at HUP.

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  • The volunteer application process includes several trips to the HUP before you can begin volunteering. Typically, applicants make three to four trips to the hospital for interviewing, orientation and presenting the required documents. Are you willing to make multiple trips to HUP to complete the volunteer application process? required field icon

  • HUP volunteers must commit to a minimum of 75 hours of service over 6 months, one year of monthly council or committee meetings. Are you willing to dedicate the time to report weekly to an assigned role or location, to attend monthly committee or council meetings, or to complete a project or event as a volunteer? required field icon

  • Five on-line training courses and immunization records are required in order to complete the volunteer registration process. The online training and immunizations must be renewed each year you volunteer at HUP. Are you willing to complete the online training and provide documentation of immunizations? required field icon

I verify that I meet all criteria listed above and would like to continue applying to be a volunteer at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.