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Frequently Asked Questions about Infusion Therapy

What is infusion therapy?
Infusion therapy involves taking medications intravenously into the bloodstream, spinal cord or under the skin. Infusion therapy is commonly used for:

  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immune globulin
  • Pain management
  • Parenteral nutrition

Conditions often requiring infusion therapy include:

  • Cancer
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Hormone deficiencies
  • Infections resistant to oral antibiotics

What is the advantage of home infusion therapy?
Until the 1980s, infusion therapy was administered only at health care facilities, as an inpatient service. Individuals requiring lifelong therapy were not able to maintain normal lifestyle and work activities.

Home infusion is a safe and effective alternative to inpatient care for many patients. Penn Home Infusion Therapy performs a thorough patient and home assessment to ensure that home infusion therapy is an appropriate method of treatment.

How do I receive your services?
If you or a family member is interested in receiving our services, please talk with your physician or health care provider or call 1-866-888-8598 for more information.

When will service begin? Is home infusion service covered by insurance?
A nurse will contact you within 24 hours of your physician's referral. After evaluating your needs, we will determine a treatment and visit schedule. Services will begin based upon your physician's orders. Check with your insurance provider to ensure home infusion services will be covered.

How frequently does the home infusion nurse visit?
Each patient care plan is customized to the needs of the individual. Our nurse will discuss your care schedule with you during the first visit. At your initial evaluation, our nurse will determine the timing and frequency of visits based on your needs.

Will they draw blood for tests in my home?
Penn Home Infusion Therapy will draw blood in the home as part of a patient's ongoing plan of care; however we will not come to the home for the sole purpose of drawing blood.

Can I still work or go to school?
Penn Home Infusion Therapy does not require that patients are homebound during their treatment. As long as your condition does not require you to be homebound, you will be able to work, run errands, and maintain your normal lifestyle for the duration of your treatment.