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Penn Care at Home

Accredited by the Joint Commission and Medicare, Penn Care at Home provides skilled nursing services, rehabilitation therapies, home health aides and other supportive services to all eligible patients in Philadelphia, as well as Delaware, Chester, Montgomery and Bucks counties. Our specialties include care of cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopaedics and diabetes patients.


Penn Care at Home nurses and therapists undergo extensive home health care training, an annual competencies review, as well as professional development, a clinical advancement program and lifelong learning on the most up-to-date clinical procedures. With an in-house education department — as well as the University of Pennsylvania as a resource — Penn Care at Home embraces the University of Pennsylvania Health System's dedication to educational preeminence and exceptional quality. This commitment to education and quality excellence allows Penn Care at Home to treat patients with the most effective and advanced methods available.

Comprehensive Clinical Care

While many home health agencies focus solely on one aspect of care, Penn Home Care and Hospice Services has the distinction of partnering three top level home health care agencies under one roof: Wissahickon Hospice, Penn Care at Home, and Penn Home Infusion Therapy. Separately, each agency is expert in its field, and provides state-of-the-art care. As part of Penn Home Care and Hospice Services, Penn Care at Home is able to offer a more comprehensive, efficient, and tailored treatment program to home health care patients; even those with multiple needs.

With so many disciplines at our disposal, we are able to offer greater scheduling flexibility and a wider variety of care options. Because our services are integrated, we are able to exchange information with greater efficiency, and therefore provide better care.

Integrated Services

Penn Care at Home offers the following therapies:

  • Joint replacement rehabilitation
  • Medical social services
  • Physical therapy
  • Certified home health aides
  • Occupational therapy
  • Case management
  • Speech therapy
  • Nursing care
  • Enterostomal therapy

In addition to the above therapies, Penn Care at Home also provides social workers to patients requiring additional care and resources. Our social workers act as the patient's liaison to ensure that they get the information, care, and resources they need.

Ease and Convenience

Our centralized intake and access system makes referring a patient easy and convenient. A single call to 866-888-8598 will put a patient's health care provider in touch with an RN trained in all Penn Home Care and Hospice Services programs, and who will be able to triage a patient for all of our services.

Our managed care representatives take care of all reimbursement issues, from obtaining up-front authorizations to contacting the patient in order to discuss coverage and co-pay issues prior to start of care. Because Penn Care at Home services are covered by Medicare and most managed care insurance plans, we are able to assist most patients with their home health care needs.


Although rehabilitation at home is more comfortable and less stressful than rehabilitation in a hospital or outpatient facility, we understand patients needing care may still have questions and concerns. Our staff will contact a referred patient within 24 hours of discharge from a hospital or care facility to schedule an appointment and make sure all their questions are answered.

Patient Education

Penn Care at Home nurses and therapists give patients and their caregivers the tools they need to perform rehabilitative procedures correctly, provide proper care, and make appropriate lifestyle changes. This allows patients to speed their recovery and regain independence as their condition improves.

In addition, our home care experts will educate patients on their medications and monitor their adherence to ensure that proper measures are being taken. This individualized attention to the plan of care will help increase medication compliance and can also result in fewer hospital and emergency room visits. Our team partners with the patient and his/her doctor to make sure the plan of care is efficiently implemented, expediting patient recovery and ensuring safety.


A critical part of the Penn Home Care and Hospice Services mission is our dedication to providing the finest care possible in the home. We do this by providing skilled professionals who treat our patients and their families with respect, dignity, and compassion. We never forget that our patients require our support and understanding, as well as our skilled services. We are dedicated to patient satisfaction – across all programs, our nurses consistently rank highly in health care standards. Superb, sensitive, and effective service is our hallmark, and exactly what our patients deserve.


Penn Care at Home is dedicated to clinical, educational and compassionate excellence. To ensure the best care, we have developed evidence-based practices in collaboration with our Penn clinical experts, which has led to consistently excellent quality outcomes.


Penn Care at Home serves Philadelphia and the surrounding Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties.

Penn Care at Home
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A patient must be referred by a physician for home health services. For more information about Penn Care at Home, patients or family members may call 1-866-888-8598.