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CLAIM™: Frequently Asked Questions


What does CLAIM™ stand for?

Comprehensive Longitudinal Advanced Illness Management. CLAIM™ began offering services to Penn cancer patients in Novermber of 2012.

What is the main purpose and objective of CLAIM™?

CLAIM™ is a program designed to improve care for patients with cancer by providing an additional layer of support at no extra cost that could improve quality of life and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

What services does CLAIM™ offer? 

CLAIM™ offers visits in patients' homes by a nurse, chaplain, social worker, and home health aide, as well as by an Oncology Nurse Practitioner if needed.  Patients also have access to a 24-hour triage line for questions and emergencies.

How is the CLAIM™ program different than Caring Way home care?

CLAIM™ provides additional services at no extra cost (for example, visits from a social worker and chaplain) to patients with cancer.

Eligibility for the CLAIM™ Program

Who is eligible?

All patients with cancer in UPHS are eligible if they meet criteria for skilled home care (e.g. if they quality for the Caring Way or Penn Home Care programs)

Is CLAIM™ only open to patients with Medicare/Medicaid?

No – CLAIM™ will accept patients with all types of insurances (IBC, Aetna, etc.) or patients with no insurance.

Do CLAIM™ patients remain in the program if they are hospitalized?

Yes. They may be discharged from Caring Way or Penn Home Care or put on hospital hold, but CLAIM™ will continue to track their progress while in the hospital. Upon discharge from the hospital, we continue to track their care only if they resume CLAIM™ services.

Who can refer a patient to CLAIM™?

Healthcare providers (or a designee) like social workers, nurses and nurse practitioners, cancer center coordinators, nurse navigators, clinical research coordinators, discharge planners, Penn Medicine Central intake and Caring Way staff.