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CLAIM™: Comprehensive Longitudinal Advanced Illness Management

For cancer patients, having a caregiver at home can make a major difference in quality of life - but sometimes there are symptoms and concerns that need an expert.

CLAIM™ offers enhanced support to patients with cancer and their families. CLAIM™'s goals are to manage symptoms, improve quality of life, and help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalizations.

What is CLAIM™?

Penn Medicine’s Comprehensive Longitudinal Advanced Illness Management (CLAIM™) Program is an evidence-based approach to comprehensive home care developed through extensive preference assessment research, pilot-testing, and evaluation.

The overarching aim of CLAIM™ is to provide in home support to patients with advanced cancer. Through symptom and pain management, care coordination, and triage, CLAIM™ gives patients the opportunity to remain in their homes and avoid unnecessary and undesirable hospitalizations.

As part of a comprehensive take on long-term cancer care, CLAIM™ can help provide the benefits of a 24-hour on call nurse, spiritual and emotional support for patients and their families with a social worker or chaplain, as well as advice about medication dosage and side effects.

The CLAIM™ in-home clinical team can keep emergency room visits and unplanned admissions to the hospital to a minimum by meeting patients’ individualized care needs, like wound care, pain and symptom management, and medication education, in addition to performing routine check-ups and tests.

To learn more about the benefits of the CLAIM™ program for you or your loved ones, four Penn Medicine experts will be answering your questions in a LIVE VIDEO CHAT from 4-5 pm on both Monday, June 16th, and Tuesday June 17th.

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CLAIM™ Resources

For further information we encourage you to visit our Frequently Asked Questions section, or view a copy of our brochure.