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Integrative Medicine and Wellness

Integrative medicine focuses on treating the whole person. It is informed by evidence-based research and combines the expertise of healthcare professionals with practices and products not considered to be part of conventional medicine.

At Penn Medicine, integrative medicine and wellness services supplement traditional cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, surgery and radiation therapy. While conventional medicine plays a critical role in patient care, integrative medicine and wellness programs offer patients and their families ways to enhance the quality of their lives, minimize or reduce the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment, and promote healing and recovery.

Specialists at Penn Medicine are knowledgeable and supportive of complementary cancer treatments. The entire cancer team works with patients and families to integrate these supportive programs into the overall care plan, while ensuring the safety and health of patients.

The Abramson Cancer Center's range of integrative supportive services is designed to help patients cope with cancer and improve their overall sense of well-being.

Services include:

Integrative Medicine and Wellness Research and Education at Penn

Research being conducted at Penn Medicine tests the effects and mechanisms of integrative therapeutic approaches for symptom management and wellness promotion in cancer.

Researchers are Penn are exploring ways to best incorporate integrative therapies safely and effectively into conventional medical therapies to create patient-centered care plans for optimal health and healing.

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