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Breast Cancer Program

Penn Medicine's Rena Rowan Breast Center opened in November 2000 as the first center of its kind in the Philadelphia region. At the breast center, physicians and nurses from a number of different subspecialties provide care to patients with breast cancer in a single, centralized location.

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Care

The Rowan Breast Center affords patients with breast cancer and other breast diseases the opportunity to obtain consultation and ongoing care from experts in surgery, radiation oncology, medical oncology and rehabilitation medicine. Psychological, nutritional, and genetic counseling, and rehabilitation care are also provided. Diagnostic testing, including the latest advances in breast imaging, as well as surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are all provided at the Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine.

This interdisciplinary approach allows the care providers to function as a true care team, enabling the free and efficient exchange of ideas and treatment recommendations for breast cancer patients without the need of multiple appointments, or the need to seek care in multiple locations.

Abramson Cancer Center

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Breast Cancer Services at Penn Medicine

Breast cancer services at Penn Medicine include:

  • Consultative services for all new patients with both early-stage and advanced breast cancer.
  • Genetic counseling services for patients at high risk for breast and ovarian cancer, and consultative services for patients concerned about inherited BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations.
  • Facilities for chemotherapy administration for the treatment of both early-stage and advanced breast cancer.
  • Streamlined referral to other subspecialists essential to the comprehensive care of patients with breast cancer, including surgery, radiation oncology, rehabilitation medicine and breast imaging.
  • Ready access to clinical trials in the prevention and treatment of breast cancer.
  • Access to the Survivorship Program, one of the nation's first.
  • Supplementary services, including psychosocial counseling, social work and a full-service boutique.

The Penn Difference

Penn Medicine offers patients with breast cancer:

  • Medical oncologists who treat breast cancer exclusively.
  • Chemotherapy given in a private, personal setting.
  • Medical oncologists with access to the latest research in breast cancer treatment and prevention.
  • All consultative services, treatment and follow up at a single location on the Penn Medicine campus.
  • Easy access to specialists in all medical disciplines who treat breast cancer exclusively.

Rena Rowan Breast Center Team

Hematologists/oncologists who treat patients with breast cancer include:

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