Penn Cardiovascular Institute

Penn Cardiovascular Institute Membership Information

Any University of Pennsylvania faculty member participating in cardiovascular research and educational programs is eligible to become a Penn Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) member. Penn faculty members participating in clinical cardiovascular programs at Penn Medicine are also welcome to become members of the Penn CVI and are encouraged to participate in Penn CVI research and educational programs.

Penn-affiliated collaborators participating in the research and educational programs of Penn CVI are also eligible for affiliate membership. Medical students, graduate students, house staff and post-doctoral fellows participating in research and educational programs are also encouraged to join as affiliate members.

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Benefits of Penn Cardiovascular Institute Membership

  • Participation in the activities of Penn CVI Research Programs
  • Participation in Penn CVI-sponsored Educational Programs
  • Bio-sketch and research interests listed within the Penn CVI Members page
  • Access to expertise in multidisciplinary grants administration
  • Access to administrative expertise in clinical grants administration and regulatory affairs
  • Subsidized access to Penn CVI Core Laboratories
  • Eligibility to apply for funding as part of the Penn CVI Strategic Funding Initiatives
  • Eligibility to serve as a trainer on the NIH sponsored training program: Training Program in Cardiovascular Biology and Medicine (NIH sponsored investigators only)
  • Cardiovascular Seminars, Grand Rounds and Educational Program notices
  • Invitations to Penn CVI-sponsored events

Penn CVI Research Programs

Penn CVI research programs units promote multidisciplinary collaborations between basic and translational scientists and clinical investigators. These programs designate key strategic areas, spanning from basic science discipline to clinical research and populations sciences. CVI faculty members are encouraged to attend monthly or bi-monthly meetings held by each program unit with the overall goal of facilitating cardiovascular research projects focused in a particular area. Members will receive notification of Program Unit meetings and as well as the CVI sponsored seminar series.

Expertise in Grants Administration

Another benefit of Penn CVI membership is access to the Penn CVI Administrative Team and assistance with regulatory affairs. The Penn CVI administration includes staff with expertise in multi-project, multi-disciplinary grants and clinical grants administration. The Penn CVI administrative staff partners with the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania Office of Human Research to facilitate the pre- and post-approval process of clinical grants administration and to ensure compliance with the Office of Human Research.

The administrative staff of the Penn CVI serves as a resource for submitting Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Investigational New Device (IND) protocols. The Penn CVI administration also partners with the Perelman School of Medicine-sponsored Office of Corporate Alliances to assist in the contracting process with industrial partners.

Subsidized Access to CVI Core Labs

Penn CVI Members receive subsidized access to Penn CVI core laboratories. To facilitate cardiovascular research, the Penn CVI has established core laboratories that support the function of basic, translational and clinical cardiovascular investigation. Subsidized access to Penn CVI core laboratories and facilities is determined by the individual core laboratory director based on programmatic need and availability.


Members are eligible to apply for pilot funding for projects that are part of the Penn CVI Strategic Funding Initiative. At the discretion of the Penn CVI Advisory Board, periodically funds are allocated for pilot funding necessary to establish programs in areas deemed to be strategically critical to the mission of the Penn CVI.

Membership Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of Penn CVI members is to be an active participant in the activities of the Penn CVI. This includes attending CVI-sponsored meetings, seminars and other educational and research activities. Members of the Penn CVI are also expected to list Penn CVI as a sponsoring University of Pennsylvania institute on manuscripts that have benefited in whole or part from contributions of the Penn CVI.