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Comprehensive Smoking Treatment Program
How Can I Quit Smoking?

People come to the Comprehensive Smoking Treatment Program with one question: how do I quit smoking? Penn Medicine has the answer.

Treating a medical condition

The fundamental difference between the way Penn addresses smoking and the way it has been thought about in the past is that Penn treats it as a medical condition that needs to be controlled… just like asthma or diabetes.

  • Penn won't frighten you into quitting.
  • Penn won't rely on gimmicks for treatment.
  • Penn does not expect you to quit smoking at your first visit.

Penn will collaborate with you every step of the way, to find the right combination of treatments to empower you to quit — safely and comfortably.

Comprehensive methods to quit smoking

When you make an appointment, you can expect to:

  • Undergo an initial evaluation and management visit with a physician.
  • Work with a physician to develop a quit plan tailored to your specific needs.
  • Meet with a counselor to focus on stress reduction or weight control, if appropriate.
  • Learn about what medications are available to control cravings.
  • Schedule follow-up visits based on your needs.

Quit Smoking With Help From Penn Medicine

Penn Medicine has a Comprehensive Smoking Treatment Program that provides individualized treatment to help smokers quit safely and comfortably. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists offer treatment that is respectful and supportive, without guilt or pressure. All of Penn's smoking cessation services are reimbursed by most major insurance carriers.

Contact Us

For an appointment or more information about quitting smoking, please call 888-PENN-STOP (888-736-7867).