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Overview of the Minimally Invasive Surgery and Robotics Program

Major Repairs for Heart Disease with Minor Incisions, Exceptional Precision

Penn surgeons are working to perfect cardiovascular surgery with minimally invasive procedures that can reduce patients' post-operative pain, risk of infection, scarring and recovery times.

Experience Counts

Minimally invasive techniques require much smaller incisions than those used in traditional "open" procedures. They also require a high level of expertise from the surgeons who perform them.

With over two decades of experience and higher volumes than many other centers in the United States, Penn cardiovascular surgeons are among the nation's most experienced in all forms of minimally invasive cardiovascular surgery. Many Penn surgeons were there when the field was in its infancy and are now teaching their highly refined skills to surgeons around the world. Today, Penn surgeons are inventing newer, even less invasive approaches and publishing landmark articles about them.

A Growing Number of Options for Minimally Invasive Procedures

Penn's complete range of minimally invasive procedures for heart conditions includes:

Advanced Expertise Offers New Opportunities

Advanced proficiency with such a broad range of minimally invasive techniques allows Penn surgeons to:

  • Tailor every operation to the patient's unique needs and condition.
  • Correct multiple problems during a single minimally invasive procedure.
  • Treat higher risk patients, even those who may have previously been told surgery was not an option.

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